• 2018-2019 Leadership Team

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    Olivia Krusel


    Hometown: Victoria, Canada

    Before school: Consulting (BCG); Biotech

    Hobbies/activities: Dance, Musical Theatre, and International Travel

    Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 40

    Advice for RC year: Invest in the activities that align with your personal values rather than comparing your experiences to others. Remember, everyone has very different talents, priorities, and goals at business school. Relax and enjoy the ride; it is an incredible gift to be here!

    Tim Woolsey


    Hometown: Katy, TX
    Before school: Consulting at Bain & Company in Houston, TX
    Random fact about me: Talk to me about college football
    Favorite Bible verse: 1 Timothy 4:12
    Advice to incoming RCs: Don’t be afraid of real, meaningful relationships

    Kyle Teegarden

    Chief Financial Officer

    Hometown: Portland, OR

    Before school: Product manager at a tech company in Austin, TX

    Random fact about me: Worked at a golf club factory for a summer in high school

    Favorite Bible verse: John 16:33

    Advice to incoming RCs: Don’t take yourself too seriously! It’s easy to get swept up into the rat race of HBS. Stay grounded, find humor in the craziness of the school, and remember who you are

    Shelby Colby

    RC Outreach & Retreats

    Hometown: Houston, TX

    Before school: I worked in strategy for GMAC (… and was a consultant before that!)

    Random fact about me: My husband and I have both been to all 50 states!

    Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 16:11

    Advice to incoming RCs: Plug into a small group! It’s the best!

    Liz Sparkman

    Curriculum Planning

    Mykola Petrenko

    Alumni Connections

    Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

    Before school: US Army Officer

    Random fact about me: Been to all 50 states

    Favorite Bible verse: Proverbs 3:5-6

    Advice to incoming RCs: Be intentional about staying in touch with good friends who can keep you grounded as you go through RC year

    Caroline Hornock

    Large Group Coordinator

    Hometown: Texarkana, TX

    Before school: To pay the bills, I priced pudding and canned pasta. The rest of the time, I attempted to host dinner parties and hang with high school girls from my church’s youth ministry

    Random fact about me: I take two hands to count my siblings

    Favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 58:10-12

    Advice to incoming RCs: 1) If in doubt, choose sleep —it’s 80% of sanctification; 2) Travel with your newly made CF friends

    Doug & Susan Bond

    Small Group Leaders

    Doug's hometown: Norfolk, VA

    Before school: Capital One in digital marketing

    Random fact about me: I used to be a bit of a pool shark and would often compete in tournaments

    Favorite Bible verse: Joshua 1:9

    Advice to incoming RCs: You get as much out of the relationships here as you put in, so invest accordingly


    Susan's hometown: Bethesda, MD

    Before school: I'm a stay-at-home parent and partner to Doug

    Random fact about me: I had a short but fruitful career as an agility dog handler with my high-maintenance, energetic dog, Jackson (who's here with us at school)

    Favorite Bible verse: John 14:27

    Advice to incoming RCs: Seek quality over quantity

    Sarah Kalmbach

    Small Group Coordinator

    Hometown: Arlington, OH

    Before school: Auditor at PwC in SF --> Product Development at an Agriculture company in Ohio

    Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 23

    Advice to incoming RCs: Don't be stressed. The hard part is over - now enjoy the experience!

    Michal Leszczynski

    Small Group Leader

    Hometown: Kety, Poland

    Before school: Worked at McKinsey and had a number of gigs from working for the Polish Prime Minister, including Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley, and Strategy for an animation studio

    Random fact about me: When I moved to London for my Undergrad, the population of the city I lived in increased by a factor of 400

    Favorite Bible verse: 2 Timothy 1:7

    Advice to incoming RCs: Before you start, while your mind is still sound, write down five things you want to achieve and five things you want to stray away from. Re-visit the list two months in. I did this and was pretty embarrassed, but it did help going forward

    James Spanjaard

    Small Group Leader

    Hometown: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

    Before school: I worked for BCG in Johannesburg

    Random fact about me: I'm afraid of penguins

    Favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 43:1-3

    Advice to incoming RCs: Invest time in asking who you are and what you most value. Help others do the same

    Rebecca Teoi


    Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

    Before school: consulting, finance, and a lot of fun trips!

    Random fact about me: I am great at sleeping in flights, usually fall asleep before take off and barely wake up with landing

    Favorite Bible verse: Proverbs 3:5

    Advice to incoming RCs: Know your priorities and own your schedule!

    Jeff Barneson


    Jeff coordinates team work with the Harvard Graduate School Christian Fellowship staff and student leaders at the graduate and professional schools at Harvard. In his spare time he reads and writes a blog, Speaking of Jesus? Jeff is a member of the Harvard Chaplains and also serves as advises the Harvard Cycling Team. He drinks coffee. Jeff is married to Tara, and they have two boys (Zachary and Ezra) and a girl (Nafisa).

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